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Tanya Mwamwetta

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About Us

TGETHER is the apex of high-end fashion and lifestyle journalism in South Africa. It was created to unite six premium blogs under one renowned blog network, providing aesthetically-minded readers with a rare glimpse into the lives of some of the creative industry’s most talented young influencers. With the heightened ease of creating and customising a Wordpress or Tumblr site, blogging has become an overwhelmingly popular practice, and in recent years we have witnessed a torrent of self-titled bloggers in the fashion and lifestyle sphere – to the extent that ‘blogger’ has become something of a dirty word. As blogs and social media continue to become seamlessly embedded in our daily lives, this phenomenon is unlikely to diminish – and it will only become more challenging to find the most valuable content in a vast ocean of digital noise. TGETHER is a confident force opposing this tendency, and rises above the clutter to provide readers with a carefully-curated selection of the highest quality visual and written content that South Africa has to offer. The blogs that unite to form the TGETHER network – Shades of Gold, Le Luvette, The Visual Journal, Fancy Pants, The Fashion Freckle – each communicate a unique perspective, with the strong common thread being that they all create beautiful, original and relevant content on a consistent basis. TGETHER bloggers singularly demonstrate a disciplined and focused approach to their work, which has resulted in loyal followings and esteem from a multitude of fashion and lifestyle brands. While they all convey distinct personalities, each TGETHER blogger consistently translates her daily experiences into engaging, valuable and shareable content across multiple platforms. In addition to providing readers with a seamless visual experience, TGETHER collaborates with premium brands that resonate with the bloggers’ own interests and lifestyles. Brands are handpicked according to relevance and preference, while always keeping the readers’ interests at heart. The brands that the TGETHER bloggers choose to work with have access to a range of promotional options such as skinned banner advertising, whereby a brand can exclusively own the advertising space across the entire network of influential blogs.

In a world where every person has the same opportunity to project their opinions and ideas to an ever-growing virtual audience, individual voices can easily get lost in the commotion. Bloggers, readers and brands are more powerful together: TGETHER is a showcase of just that.


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